The best glow poi on the market!

We are honored to present the next level in the evolution of poi – podpoi. Years of engineering and development, consciously designed in every aspect, podpoi feature many modes and functions ranging from awesome poi trails to scientific strobing to gorgeous mood lighting. Each mode is adjustable either in color, speed, brightness or pattern. Micro-USB charge-port, all-night runtime and a variety of charging options make it a breeze to keep your poi running during festivals and travel. Made of silicone – the most non-toxic and environmentally-friendly plastic available – podpoi are super-cushy on impact and virtually indestructible. Podpoi – an evolution of our commitment to spreading the beauty and joy of movement and light.

A set of podpoi come with adjustable flowleashes and a pair of micro-USB cables for charging.

There are 10 adjustable modes and 3 modes with preset patterns. The 10 basic modes are adjustable and allow you to create an infinite number of unique patterns and color combinations.

In stock (can be backordered)

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  • full color
  • many modes
  • infinitely adjustable
  • bright
  • lasts all night
  • usb rechargeable
  • non-toxic
  • conscious design
  • super durable
  • lifetime warranty

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