Poi Spinning Basics DVD


Poi Spinning Basics with Pele’s Element DVD

Now with subtitles in Spanish and Japanese!

As the popularity of fire dancing grows worldwide, so has the demand for instruction that illuminates the dynamic movements of poi spinning.

Poi Spinning Basics with Pele’s Element has raised the bar for poi instruction, with its clear, concise and informative style of guiding people of all ages through the basic movements of poi spinning.


From JUGGLE Magazine:

“Several informal videos and a number of books and pamphlets on poi spinning have surfaced in the last few years. I’ve written here about the best of them, and tried to introduce the art form to jugglers. This is the last one I’ll need to do for a long while because it quite thoroughly covers the last niche left in introducing and instructing poi to the novice spinner.

Nevertheless, we now have a video that covers all of the basics of poi, from beginning to end, and turns any willing novice into a journeyman spinner, capable of holding their own in any gathering of spinners.

That is quite an accomplishment. Had an equivalent instructional video been available to jugglers in the 1950s or ’60s, the standard of excellence today might be seven clubs rather than five.

Notice that Poi Spinning Basics concentrates entirely on the details: the specific moves and the transitions between them. It carefully establishes the base of skill needed for each trick, builds to the next level of related difficulty, and then makes that the base of further instruction. This kind of curriculum development makes perfect sense. Learning is quick and easy, and each new skill is offered in a way that feels natural and effortless.”

-Eric Bagai, JUGGLE Magazine May/June 2005

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